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Welcome to Fifth Grade
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Mrs. Nash’s February 25, 2015  News    

Dear Parents,

We are nearing the countdown to ISTEP.  In fact, it begins next week!  The fifth grade students will be testing on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The times for testing are as follows:

Tuesday:         Math - 10:10 - 10:50

Wednesday:    ELA -  10:48 - 11:48

Thursday: ELA -  10:10 - 11:35

So if your child has any appointments during these times it would be good to reschedule those.    We have been diligently concentrating on all standards and feel confident they will do well.  We have completed some practice tests this week and will finish others the rest of this week.   Mr. Duncan will be rewarding all those who put forth great effort while testing by treating them to a movie at our cinema on March 19th.  I expect all of my students will be attending with the work ethic they been showing me.

Please continue to urge your child to read.  They must obtain 10  Accelerated Reading points by the end of this grading period to attend the party.  They will also receive awards from Mr. Duncan for various points accumulations.  Students are also receiving Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza certificates for obtaining 5 AR points for each the month of October - March.  

A big congratulations goes Brookelyn Erwin!!!! She represented our school at the Randolph Spelling Bee this week and she came in second!!!!!   

Dates to Remember:

February 27 Little Caesar’s Fundraiser forms are due.
March 12 Attend  “the Music Man” production at WCHS at 12:30

March 13 End of the third grading period

March 19 ISTEP incentive  movie at the cinema

March 23-27 Spring Break


Reading: Reading a selection from their reading books, “King Midas and the Golden Touch. Test on Friday.

Math: Large Group: Finding area perimeter of rectangles, irregular rectangles, triangles, parallelograms,

          and trapezoids.  More practice tomorrow and test on Friday.

Small Group: Topic 13:  Converting customary measurements of length, capacity, and weight.

Social Studies:    D.O.G. Wk 25 is due Friday.  Concepts of economics has been our topic since last week.

      The two hour delays has interfered with this.  We picked up with this today and will review

      the concepts tomorrow.  A quick check will be on Friday.

Spelling:  Activity pages 57-60 and two contract activities due Thursday Test on Friday 

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