Willard Elementary School
Winchester, Indiana
 765-584-9171 x1200
Willard Warriors, Willard Warriors,
we are all for you.
You will fight with all your might,
your colors gold and blue.
Willard Warriors, Willard Warriors,
you must fight to win.
Might you show to blitz the foe,
and triumph once again.

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100 Point Club

Accelerated Reader 100 Point Club 2018-2019

  • Lily Brutchen
  • Karina Jarrett
  • Jimmy Mount
  • Haleigh Kolp
  • Lillian Ozbun
  • Jazlyn Harvey
  • Molly Barker
  • Gretta Welch
  • Lyndi Whitenack
  • Wesley Hendrickson
  • Bryce Tippett
  • Xander Hoover