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Red Ribbon Writing Contest Winners

writeWinners of this year's Red Ribbon Essay Contest were announced today.  All Willard students took part in the contest as part of Red Ribbon Week activities.  Congratulations to all classroom winners and to those receiving Honorable Mention designations.

3rd Grade Winners:
Mrs. Atkinson:  Quentin Keen
Mrs. Moody:  Cade Tucker
Miss Vormohr:  Jace Key

3rd Grade Honorable Mention:
Questin Grasse
Jaymison Jordan
Skylee Stewart
Avery Mote
Adam Moore
Britain McFarland
Antonio Walls
Lucas Driskill

4th Grade Winners:
Miss Edwards:  Wyatt Harvey, Morgan Lawrence, Dane Sickels
Miss Burton:  Maybrey McIntire
Mrs. Law:  Amaya Hudson
Mrs. Lovern:  Mason Barker

4th Grade Honorable Mention:
Emma Bosken
Callie Baldwin
Ruthie Rose
Caitlyn Campbell

5th Grade Winners:
Mrs. Paul:  Rileigh Monfort
Mrs. Gough:  Morgan Williams
Mrs. Nash:  Zoe Whitehead

5th Grade Honorable Mention:
Aerissa Baker
Braxton Bosworth
Maddie Schoendorf

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