Image Tools
Creative Commons – Creative Commons is a large collection of images by individuals with limited licensing so that photos can be copyrighted or shared by the owner with others. Compfight is the best search engine for this resource. 
Compfight – This search tool assists in locating images from Creative Commons, Flickr, etc. that have can be used in projects with some restrictions. 
Iconfinder – A searchable icon browser.

Flickr – Professional and amateur photographers can store their photos here for sharing and displaying.

Pics4Learning – A searchable database of pictures donated by teachers and students that everyone can use; citation for picture accompanies photo.

Morguefile – A searchable database of pictures that can be used without attribution and remix photos as long as user does not claim picture as their own work.

Presentation Tools
Animoto – A free online tool to create presentations from text, photos, and sound. 
Prezi – Another online presentation tool.
Social Bookmarking
Delicious – This site stores web bookmarks so that individuals may locate their saved websites wherever they have an internet connection. 
Diigo – This site also allows you to store your bookmarks as well as highlight information and much more.
Computation WolframAlpha – Wolfram is a computational site that performs many functions.
File Conversion Zamzar – Allows anyone to convert a file to a Word document or other readable form.
Document Collaboration Typewith.me – Typewith.me allows groups to work collaboratively on documents in real time even though they may be in separate physical locations. Typewit.me allows for a variety of output options and group comments.