September 28th eLearning Day

On Monday, September 28th, Randolph Central School Corporation will conduct its first planned eLearning Day of the school year.  On this day, students should plan to work from home on their Chromebooks.  Students SHOULD NOT report to school on Monday, September 28th.

A few important things:

·      eLearning Days are school days.

·      If a student is ill during an eLearning day, the parent must notify the school office by the following regular school day that is in session.  The student should notify the affected teacher(s) as soon as reasonably possible and discuss the timeframe for the make-up work.

·      All work can be accessed through our Learning Management System, Unified Classroom.  Students must complete/submit eLearning assignments on the date/s assigned by the teacher.

·      On this planned eLearning Day, teachers will be available from 9-11AM.  Teachers will be in training during the afternoon.  On unplanned or possible extended eLearning days, teachers will be available from 9AM-2PM.

·      Students without Internet access may complete the assignment using the school Wi-Fi when they return.  Parents should communicate with teachers if lack of Wi-Fi is an issue.

·      Each teacher has a scheduled Zoom session between the hours of 9 and 11.  Students should plan to attend.