Chromebook Trade-In

Willard Families,

On Friday, January 29th, Willard students will be issued brand-new Chromebooks to replace their previously assigned devices.  Students will “trade in” his or her current Chromebook and protective case and be given a new Chromebook and case.  Students can also “trade in” his or her charger for a new one or keep the existing one.  Your child will only receive a new charger if they return the old charger on Friday.

It is imperative that students bring their assigned Chromebook, case, and charger (if you choose) to school on Friday.

A few very important things about Chromebook distribution:


Students/Parents are responsible for the full cost of repairing any intentional or negligent damage to a student’s Chromebook.  Warranty, or school offered Chromebook protection, does not cover intentional or negligent damage.  If students return devices on Friday that have been intentionally or neglectfully damaged, they will not be issued a new device until their debt is paid for the damaged device.  The cost to replace or repair the device will be determined and communicated to the parent/guardian by the Willard office staff.  Examples of this type of damage may include, but is not limited to:

·      Missing keys

·      Stickers, drawings, writing, or other vandalism

·      Broken plastic on the Chromebook or case


Throughout the Chromebook replacement process with HP, we have been assured that the new Chromebooks are of a much higher quality than the previous models.  It will be essential your child take care of his or her assigned device.  As students receive new Chromebooks, I want to remind you of some of our expectations:

  • Food and beverage should not come in contact with Chromebooks.
  • The Chromebooks should never be thrown, dropped, kicked, or handled in an abusive manner.
  • The Chromebooks should remain free of stickers, drawings, and other types of vandalism.
  • The Chromebook should stay in the protective case at all times.
  • The Chromebook should be in the closed position when transported.  Students should make sure that the device is free of foreign objects before closing the Chromebook.
  • Students will be held responsible for maintaining his or her individual Chromebook and keeping it in working order.


As a reminder, school offered insurance is available for $15 and covers your child’s device in the event it is lost, stolen, or accidentally damaged.  If accidental damage occurs, and you have school offered insurance, there is no additional cost to have the device repaired on the first occurrence.  If the device is accidentally damaged and you have no school offered insurance, you will be responsible for the cost of the damage to the Chromebook.  If you already purchased school offered insurance at any point during the 2020-2021 school year, you do not need to purchase it again.  School offered insurance does not cover lost or damaged chargers.

With the rollout of new devices, now may be a good time to purchase insurance if you have not already done so.  Please contact the Willard office at 765-584-9171 if you have interest in doing so.  This purchased insurance would cover the device for the remainder of the school year.