Early Dismissal

June 14, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

For the 2021-2022 school year Randolph Central Schools will return to our normal daily schedule every day of the week except on Wednesday, which will be an early release day. An early release one day per week will provide much needed regularly scheduled professional development time for teachers. This coming school year our teachers will focus on Critical Thinking with emphasis on Clear & High Expectations as well as Literacy & Math Reasoning. This type of work must be done in regular weekly sessions to maximize its effectiveness.

All teachers will be in professional development after school on Wednesday, including teachers that are coaches and sponsors. On Wednesday students at WCHS and DMS that have an extra-curricular activity after school will have two options.

(1) Upon dismissal students can go home and then come back to school at the start time for
their activity. We anticipate many high school student drivers will choose this option. These
students will not be allowed to just hang out unsupervised on school property.

(2) Upon dismissal students can go to a supervised study session and work on assignments until
their teacher/coach/sponsor is released from professional development to pick-up their
group. These students will be provided a free supper during this time. All meals including
breakfast and lunch are free again next school year.

Many parents/guardians will need to make arrangements so we wanted to provide this information as soon as possible. Please see following Regular and Wednesday Early Release Schedules.

Thank you!
Rolland Abraham